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Moes Vision Center is aptly named for Dr. Francis J Moes, who 25 years ago opened his own practice at the location at the corner of Military and west Mason Streets in Green Bay. Actually, Dr. Moes has been practicing optometry for over 40 years, since he graduated from Illinois College of Optometry. He came from a small city in western Nebraska and after graduating from college moved back to his hometown and opened a practice there. He decided to move to Green Bay when he was offered a partnership with a local doctor and worked with him for 15 years, until he decided to start his own practice at the present location.

His practice started with just one optician, and grew when his daughter Naomi started helping out between college a few years later in the mid 1980’s. Since that time, the office has grown, all the while keeping it’s small intimate feeling of passion for our customers and the business.

Dr. Moes has earned respect from his peers and patients as a talented and generous doctor. His daughter Naomi has officially taken over as manager for the past 7 years, and has herself established a niche because of her artistic background. She is a well known mixed media sculptor who has won numerous awards in the region, and exhibits at the Art Garage in Green Bay. Naomi has a wonderful staff, all hand picked, who truly feel the love of aesthetics, with a deep sensitivity for their patients. All of them have strong backgrounds in the optical business, and have their ABO degrees. Debbie is always excited about helping patients find the best look for their personalities. Naomi believes that great style does not have to cost a lot, and actually craves finding frame lines that are not so well known, if at all. Many of her lines are unknown in the states, but better known in Europe. She has few big name designer lines, but most are unknown arty lines. So with the combination of fine vision care, and the passion of an artistic attitude, Moes Vision Center creates a different feeling in an optometric setting.

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ABO Certified Optician/Awesome Quilt Artist